We Behave Badly, Very Badly, & We Can Behave Worse! Voices of Revolt & Insurrection From Latin America

In an effort to amplify the voices of rebels fighting for their lives across the world, I am posting a series of links to first-hand information and analysis from insurrectionary moments in Mexico and Chile in the past two months.

A big shout out to Ediciones Inéditas for their crucial role in translating and distributing information about the uprising in Chile, which has been met with fierce state repression reminiscent of the fascist Pinochet dictatorship. Per usual, their site is loaded with insightful translations that help situate the English-speaking world in the momentous struggles playing out across the globe. The first two communiques take their source from Ediciones, while the third is from Anarchists Worldwide.

Without further ado….


4th Communique from Chile, November 1st 2019

The human is the only animal capable of realizing its dreams by changing the world and up until now it has only realized the exchange of its vital power for production and an accumulation of commodities…. We deplore their offers and demands for education, health services, public transportation, pensions, etc. Why must we accept to be part of the camps where the market selects its servants? Why would we want to be their “healthy functionaries” in a world which sickens us? And why would we desire to arrive more quickly to centers of exploitation which devour our vital energy?

… We will destroy what dehumanizes us without offering anything in return!”


7th Communique from Chile, November 6th, 2019

“Our struggle is not based on particular demands: we know the ecological crisis is the other side of the social crisis; that pollution is linked to industrial production; that industry seeks profits at all costs; that profit comes from our servile labor and that labor produces an abstract wealth that renders us poor. ‪We seek to liberate ourselves from money, the commodity, wage-labor, Capital & the State by organizing the production in common of our very lives!”‬


México: Anarchic Call to Action from Some Informal Anarchists in Permanent Conflict (October 2019)

“For AMLO, as with all previous presidents (and for all heads of state throughout history), the best anarchist is the one who is dead or the opportunist who renounces their ideas and licks his boots….

….And yes, we could be called “provocateurs” because we seek to provoke chaos and anarchy, because we provoke spaces of total liberation, because we provoke the destruction of everything that oppresses us.”

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